Love~Crafted Soul Healing

Welcome to Dragonfly Dojo!
Where people live out loud and on purpose!
Where we choose Happiness every.single.time.
Where Freedom is the goal and Joy is the Journey.
Where Transformation is a way of life. Where Empowerment Just Is.
Where Alignment with the Best of ourselves is the dealeo.
Where Giving Back is more fun than giving up.
We Create Consciously.
We get Sh&*t done and we do it with Sparkly Insides that feel like Prosecco.
Oh, and We Love around here…Ourselves and Each Other…with Wide Open Hearts!!!
Are you in?

Love Notes

Working with Edie was my first experience with Reiki and energy work as well as my first time going to a life coach. Edie was approachable and thorough in her explanation of what the experience would hold. She was incredibly intuitive about my personal energy and underlying emotions and helped to coach me through concepts and ideas about how to apply some of her techniques outside of her healing room. Every time I leave a session with Edie I leave feeling lighter, with more energy and more confident in my ability to manage my energy and emotions independently. Since my initial experience, I’ve been a regular customer and I’ve sent many family and friends to Edie for healing and all have loved it and returned!
Isabelle D.