What is Chakradance?

Chakradance™ ~ Rhythm for your Soul
Would you like to discover a deepened connection to your true, authentic self, the unraveling of blocked energy, and the feeling of coming home?

Experience the healing power of Chakradance™ become more in tune with your chakra system and activate your own inner healing.

Chakradance classes and workshops are held in a darkened room, lit only by candle-light. In this ‘sacred space’ we begin to transition from our outer, everyday life, into our rich inner, imaginative world. It is from here that our deep inner healing is activated.. in this quiet space we can hear our inner voice and the guidance we yearn for that is often drowned out by the chatter of the day.

With the 7 Keys to Freedom Intro Class, You’ll be led into your own healing journey of each chakra using specifically crafted music, guided visualizations, mandala art-making, and meditations.

The process of Dancing the 7 Chakras involves letting the movements emerge spontaneously as you surrender to the music of each chakra. It’s a gentle unfolding, an awakening of who you really are.

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Chakradance is recognized by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists as a healing modality.