Life Coaching

Transformational choices for your path ~

As a Certified Life Coach through the Fowler International Academy of Coaching, I help you find clarity for your life’s vision, form a strong plan for execution, and provide creative and dedicated support for each step along the way. Especially helpful for those who find themselves stuck and spinning their wheels.

Relationship Coaching

Your love is out there… You can FEEL it! What’s in the way? Here’s where Spiritual Relationship Coaching comes in. Layers are shed and insights are gained as you are prepped and made ready for the Love you’ve always wanted and your heart knows you deserve. If you’re already in a relationship but things aren’t where you’d like them to be, understanding why can help you make choices from a clearer, more loving place. Then nothing will be in the way of your heart and your beloved.
Contact me for a free consultation to discuss my approach.

Inner Child Work

If you’ve ever felt out of control, and see un-healthy patterns in your life, perhaps it’s time to address the wounds from childhood that may be keeping you stuck. This work is powerful and life-changing, and you will never be the same once you’ve allowed yourself to connect with the deepest parts of yourself and build the trust necessary to live a balanced and satisfying life, heal a lifetime of pain and suffering, and build a future filled with happiness and appreciation. Contact me to discuss program details.

Intuitive Energy Readings

An Intuitive and Medium since birth, paired with quality professional training with leading & cutting edge healers, Energy readings come second nature to me. Having an energy reading can provide some inner insight into your outer existence. Our energy is the reason why our life looks the way it does, and with a clear picture of that, we can begin to make the shifts necessary for a life that is much brighter and aligned to our heart’s calling. All my sessions include complimentary energy readings and Chakra Balancing.

Energy Clearings

Does your home or office feel “off” or your business not producing like you’d hoped? It likely needs cleared from stuck, stagnant, or negative energy left behind or created over time. Often times with only one visit, peace is restored and flow naturally occurs. Your space will feel lighter and clearer ~ and so will your mind.


Divinely guided Life-force energy ~
A gentle, soothing, healing experience to restore health, balance, and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. Reiki treatments bring a sense of wholeness and peaceful well-being. Since “energy doesn’t wear a watch and nor is it hindered by space” sessions can be done virtually anywhere in the world. Attunements to becoming a Reiki practitioner are also available. Contact me for information and requirements.

Oracle Card Readings

Certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner by Doreen Virtue, PhD. Divinity cards are a great (and fun) way to tell the story of what’s happening in your life on an unconscious level and provide clear and specific guidance for your now. Choose from Magical Dolphins & Mermaids, Healing with the Fairies, Healing with the Angels, Goddess Guidance, and Saints & Angels. 1 card, 3 card or Spread Readings available.

Ministerial Services

If you find yourself struggling to find an officiant for your wedding due to mixed faiths/beliefs/values in your families, perhaps having a ceremony that is more Spiritually focused is the solution. Together we tailor your vows to create a wedding that is both memorable and devoted to your love for each other. Packages by design. Reverend Edie Allen ~ Interfaith Minister